Friday, February 12, 2010

From the Weather Deck

Scary ScarecrowScarey here with today's weather update!

Happy to report that there were blue skies and warm weather out here today.  Okay, warm compared to previous days.  It was warm enough to melt the snow and the planter snow level has gone down some.  The ice that was on the drive way and car has melted off and dried up for the most part.

Here's the last image of the planter at the end of the snowstorm:Planter in Snow 4

And here's one from just now, at about 4:30pm on Friday, after the snowstorm:
Planter in Snow 5

If you look at the closest one only, you might try to argue that the loss of snow was due to salt, but if you look at all three, you'll see that there's been the same amount of snow loss around all three, and the farthest two didn't have any salty snow near them, which gives you proof that it was very warm here the past two days, with today being warmer than yesterday.

Of course, the night will still be chilly, but not quite as bad as it has been.

The Skeletal Barometer believes that the thaw process will start in about four weeks. Now we may experience some drops in temperature in that time, so be prepared.

How can I be sure? Well, the air felt crisp and clean as opposed to sharp and damp, a sign that spring is around the corner.  Just remember, March is always said to go in like a Lion and out like a Lamb, and this will be the case this year.

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