About This Site

This is my humorous take on weather forecasters, or should I say mis-casters? Try as they might, they rarely seem to get it right. Wherever I am, I will offer weather predictions my bones make. I don't guarantee these results and this is more or less for entertainment purposes only. However, if you notice any accuracy and decide to use my predictions, that is your discretion.

Why did I create this blog?

The last time they predicted a big snowstorm, I told my husband straight away that I didn't think it was really going to happen because I would have felt it in my bones, and I really wasn't feeling anything. However, with their recent snowstorm prediction, they have been touting big snowstorms, which is fine, but I wasn't sure until late last night, when I felt it in my bones. I knew then that yes, this storm is going to be nasty. So, they finally got something right, but they missed that Oshkosh, WI was going to get hit on Monday...

For the record, most of my predictions will be for the Oak Creek, WI area, or wherever I happen to be if I am on vacation, provided I have Internet access.