About Me

I am a writer, editor, columnist and webmistress suffering from some form of arthritis (Osteo-, Rheumatoid or both) and constant muscle pain (not sure on cause/condition but I have my suspicions) and tons of food and environmental allergies.  I'm married, no children and currently no pets living with us.  My husband's cat keeps his mother company and my dog has raised two "kennel mates" also known as my sister's kids.  The dog loves those kids and misses them when they aren't there, even if she does appreciate the quiet from time to time.  The cat and dog are about the same age. 

My husband and I enjoy watching Milwaukee Bucks Basketball and Green Bay Packers Football, riding roller coasters and playing disc golf together.  

Favorite TV Shows:  
Crime Drama: CSIs, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, Leverage, Numb3rs, Medium, Bones, Closer, Cold Case, Without a Trace
Paranormal: Buffy TVS, Angel, Charmed, Torchwood, Dr. Who [just getting into it], Supernatural [just getting into it], Millennium
Mystery/Suspense: Murder She Wrote, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie [with Jean Stapleton as Miss Marple], Sherlock Holmes
Anime: InuYasha, Spiral, Blue Seed, Voltron, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Saiyuki (the rated version), Ghost in the Shell, Now and Then Here and There and a host of others

I have always enjoyed writing and I tend to excel at being creative, or so people tell me all the time.  I guess there must be some truth to that or I wouldn't have created this blog nor would I claim to be a Webmistress!  lol! 

My Romance Novel Blog: Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem
My Personal Blog: Carrie's World
My Non-Romance Blog contributions can be found on Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem's: Causeway

Note: The Causeway is just beginning to get underway. Some of the first guest authors are being featured in February, 2011!