Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Edition

Welcome to the First Edition of 
Skeletal Barometer!  

The problem I have with all of the weather channel reports (especially the local ones) is that they are not current at all during the night.  

How do I know?  Well, it shows that it is snowing where I am right now (1 am).  I just opened the front door and looked out, and while it feels damp, it's not snowing.  The snow appears to be done for the moment.  In fact, at around 11pm, the pains I had been feeling seemed to have passed.  If they return, then I'll know it'll be snowing again.  We'll see. 

I love it, in Vancouver where the Olympics are being held the expected temperature is 47 and rain!  Here we are in Wisconsin with cold temps and lots and lots of snow!  Guess we would have been the better location for Winter Olympics this year, huh?  Not to mention the fact that we already have an Olympic size training facility for skaters - The Petit National Ice Center as well as a host of ski hills and stuff.   

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